Bahrain: Man Steals 16 Phones by Hacking Into Delivery Company’s Network

A man accused of hacking into a delivery company’s computer network to acquire mobile phones without payment has been remanded into custody, pending further investigation. The suspect faces charges of stealing 16 mobile phones from the delivery company by manipulating their electronic data to evade payment. The public prosecution has completed its investigation and has ordered the suspect to stand trial before a competent court.

The arrest was made after the delivery company filed a case against the suspect, alleging that the suspect tampered with their systems to receive deliveries without making any payments, as stated by the Deputy Head of the Cybercrime Prosecution.

The complaint lodged by the company revealed that the suspect placed orders for mobile phones in batches, and they were delivered without any payment being made. The fraudulent activity came to light when the company conducted a review of their computer systems and noticed discrepancies in their records. Subsequent investigations conducted by officials confirmed that the suspect had manipulated the company’s electronic data to bypass the payment process.

In response, the Public Prosecution collaborated with the Financial Crimes and Money Laundering Prosecution to launch a comprehensive investigation. The company’s officials mentioned that they had been monitoring the accused due to several previous suspicious attempts to breach their computing system in the past year.

Although they had managed to block previous attempts successfully, the suspect reportedly discovered a vulnerability in their programme, allowing him to overcome their firewall. To substantiate their claims, the company presented a technical report to the court, tracing the origin of the cyber-attacks.

As part of the ongoing investigation, prosecutors ordered a forensic examination of the accused’s phone, which allegedly played a role in breaking the company’s firewall. Experts who analysed the phone confirmed that it was indeed used by the suspect to conduct illegal activities.

During the interrogation, the suspect confessed to the crime, admitting that he had an accomplice involved in the illicit activities. The prosecutors have charged the suspect with distorting the IT system of a private party and committing electronic fraud, leading to his trial before a competent court.


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