Bahrain Ministry Following Up Closely on Marburg Virus Developments

The Ministry of Health has affirmed its continued close follow-up on regional and global developments regarding the health conditions related to monitoring a number of cases infected with the Marburg Virus Disease (MVD) in Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea.

In a statement, the Health Ministry stated that based on the risk assessment carried out by the Gulf Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (GCDPC), it was found that the chances of the virus reaching the Kingdom of Bahrain are low, as there are no direct airline flights with Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea.

The Ministry of Health indicated that it is in constant coordination with the World Health Organisation and the GCDPC to monitor events related to communicable diseases to devise preparedness and response plans, which include providing logistical preparations and harnessing all necessary energies, capabilities, equipment, medical and laboratory devices, as well as setting the necessary protocols for dealing with them, including prevention, isolation and treatment, in addition to intensifying epidemiological monitoring and investigation.

The Health Ministry said it will provide society with the latest developments regarding the virus through various official media, and its accounts on social networking sites (Instagram and Facebook: mohbahrain, Twitter: moh_bahrain), and through the official platform for health developments in the Kingdom,, stressing the importance of obtaining information from official sources.


Bahrain News Agency
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