Bahrain: Three expats arrested for begging

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The Northern Governorate Police yesterday arrested three expatriates for begging in the streets as part of the efforts to curb the act of begging. The police directorate said that it had taken necessary legal measures against the three, stressing that it will continue to take action against all those who violate the law. “We call upon citizens not to support begging and report such cases to the police for legal action to be taken.

Community efforts are also needed to combat this negative phenomenon,” it added. A surge in beggars was witnessed across the Kingdom during this year’s Holy Month, becoming an inconvenience to the citizens and residents, most often annoying them. Earlier, commenting on the matter, Dr Anna Mostafa, a leading psychologist in the Kingdom, had said: “There could be psychological factors for begging; perhaps the individual’s mental and cognitive capacity may play a role.

Perhaps, they are unaware of the resources available to them by charities and shelters set in place to support them.” Dr Anna also stressed on the significance of rehabilitation. “Public awareness campaigns and increased efforts at disseminating information of available services to police, mosques, public transport and other areas where people gather could be beneficial.” Begging is legally prohibited in the Kingdom and offenders face imprisonment and fines. “Dar Al Karama” has been taking care of beggars and the homeless.

It is a governmental social institution affiliated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Department of Social Welfare. It is concerned with the provision of care and different services for the first-time beggars and homeless people.



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