Bahrain: Traveller Jailed for Attempting To Smuggle BD50,000

A traveller who attempted to smuggle BD50,000 by hiding it in clothes and tea boxes was apprehended at the customs office of Bahrain Airport and referred to court on charges of failing to disclose movable assets. The court sentenced him to imprisonment for a month, confiscation of the amount, and his permanent deportation after executing the penalty.

The Court of Cassation approved the ruling in its last session. Public Prosecution investigated a report received from the Financial Intelligence Directorate regarding the defendant of Arab nationality attempting to smuggle an estimated BD50,000 into the Kingdom of Bahrain without disclosing the amount to customs, where he denied having any cash. He was searched on suspicion and the amount was found in his possession among the folds of his clothes and inside boxes of tea, placed in a crafty manner to avoid detection.

Public Prosecution interrogated him and confronted him with statements from the customs officer in charge of detecting the violation and the seizures found in his possession. He acknowledged his guilt and was charged with hiding movable cash on October 24 while passing through customs. The money was seized and he was referred to criminal trial, where he was sentenced to imprisonment for one month in addition to confiscation of the amount and his permanent deportation thereafter.


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