Bahraini Semreen Ahmed Scales New Heights by Conquering Mount Elbrus!

Bahraini Semreen Ahmed has finally conquered Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe, despite encountering formidable obstacles during her extraordinary adventure. At a majestic height of 5,642 metres (18,510 feet), the magnificent Mount Elbrus is Europe’s highest and most prominent summit.

It is the tallest mountain in the Caucasus Mountains and is located in the western section of the region. Semreen has always been drawn to and passionate about mountains, which has inspired her to look for and climb new summits. On her list of summits she had to climb, Mount Elbrus took centre stage.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Tribune, Semreen expressed her remarkable achievement and indulged in the challenges she faced through her journey. “Achieving this milestone in my journey was truly fulfilling,” the Bahraini adventurer said. “It’s a moment that I will cherish forever with pride.”

Rotations for acclimatisation and a reserve day were both part of the expedition, and she was able to thoroughly acclimatise for the adventure thanks to the lengthy journey. Nevertheless, the journey wasn’t without its difficulties, and such journeys require strong, resilient people to finish them.

“Given that the journey would last about eight days, difficulties were unavoidable, but perseverance is the key to overcoming them,” Semreen revealed. “Towards the end of the climb, I experienced altitude sickness, which made the last part of my journey quite difficult.”

The effects of high altitude on humans are mostly the consequences of reduced partial pressure of oxygen in the atmosphere. Symptoms can include headaches, vomiting, insomnia, and reduced performance and coordination. Yet this didn’t stop Semreen from achieving her goal.

“The last 20 minutes were tough, with extreme nausea, headaches, and shortness of breath; however, I overcame those difficulties by staying focused on each step and remaining present in the moment,” the explorer voiced. “At the end, when you are standing on the summit after such a gratifying accomplishment, the difficulties become worthwhile.”

When asked about her prospects, the Bahraini adventurer relayed that she plans to resume training and dive into a busy quarter at work. Be assured, though, as she has other mountains she intends to climb in the future!


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