Bedlam in Berlin as Immigrants Bring in the New Year

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Migrants in Berlin performed their annual act of New Year’s Eve cultural enrichment by setting fire to cars and attacking police and firefighters with projectiles, leading to 15 officers being injured.

Major cities in Germany routinely welcome in the new year by witnessing the assembly of thousands of migrants, most of them from the Middle East and North Africa, who cause absolute bedlam on the streets.

This year was no different.

Over 300 people were detained in the German capital after around 15 officers were injured after being hit with fireworks and other projectiles.

One person described the city as looking like a “war zone,” with sexual assaults also reportedly taking place.

“A police spokesperson said officers, firefighters and others were repeatedly shot at with pyrotechnics throughout the city,” reports DW.

“One of the incidents occurred near Alexanderplatz, where around 500 people threw fireworks at each other. Police then dispersed the group at the landmark Neptune Fountain and checked for fireworks, after which a group of 200 people fired pyrotechnics at police, leading to several arrests.”

During the previous New Year’s Eve in 2022, Berlin was also hit by riots and attacks on police and first responders.

One video showed an Albanian child migrant wearing a balaclava firing a pistol into the air in Berlin.

The crowds were very “diverse” to say the least.


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