Biden Admin’s Latest Lunacy: Transgender Official Calls Climate-Change Racist

In case you wondered where, oh where, all the trillions of dollars go, transgender Assistant HHS Secretary Admiral Rachel Levine is here to help.

In what some have called the ‘woke trifecta’, the white trans official took to social media today to explain that, apparently, climate-change is racist.

“Climate change is having a disproportionate effect on the physical and mental health of black communities.”

So, to be clear, climate-change is an existential threat to all of mankind, right?

But it’s an existential-er threat to communities of color?

‘Trust the science’.

But have no fear, America, ‘Rachel’ has a solution. As ‘they’ explains:

“Through our Office of Climate Change and Health Equity and the Office of Environmental Justice…”

Well we’ll stop there because the fact that there are actually government ‘offices’ for those things is all you need to know.

Watch the full magnificent signaling of virtue below:


Zero Hedges

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