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Breaking Barriers: Saudi Arabia Welcomes its First Female Camel Patrolwoman

At an official ceremony marking the kingdom’s Founding Day, the first Saudi camel patrolwoman made her debut, highlighting the country’s strong drive for women’s empowerment.

The Interior Ministry has released a video showing the young woman as she rides a camel in a security patrol.

Clad in a military uniform, the woman participated in a parade staged by the ministry commemorating the Founding Day annually celebrated on February 22 in Saudi Arabia.

In a video interview with Saudi actor and TV host Fayez Al Malki, the woman, whose age was not given, expressed joy and pride in being the first Saudi female in the squad.

In 2019, the kingdom announced allowing women to serve in the army. In recent years, Saudi Arabia has vigorously pursued a drive to empower women from different walks of life as part of dramatic changes in the kingdom.


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