Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Expat Life in GCC, Accident rates and fatalities, Qualification of Employees in Job Sector in GCC, Healthy Lifestyle, Climate Updates and Implementation of Road Safety Measures.

Bahrain- Ministry of Education ‘Recruiting Only Bahrainis, Not Foreigners’

Bahrain: Ministry of Education ‘Recruiting Only Bahrainis, Not Foreigners’

The Ministry of Education affirmed that the recruitment process for the upcoming academic year is confined only to the Bahrainis.The officials’ refuted social media...
Bahrain: Firm control On Driving Instructors Demanded

Bahrain: Firm Control On Driving Instructors Demanded

Hoorat Aali residents have submitted a number of letters and complaints to officials about training driving trainees in their residential neighborhoods.The area of Hoorat...

Saudi: Guardian’s Permit No Longer Required For Overseas Students

All Saudi students studying abroad will no longer need a permit from their guardians when they travel, even if they are under the age...

Bahrain: LMRA Promotes Awareness On Anti-Trafficking

Over 430,000 text messages were sent to all expat workers and employers in Bahrain on account of World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2019.People...
obese school going kids

Bahrain: Obese School Children Reach Alarming Heights

A journal recently published by Bahrain Medical Society (BMS) revealed that obese school children have reached an unprecedented high level. The data gathered from a...
Bahrain kindergarten

Bahrain Achieves 82% Enrolment Rate In Kindergartens

2019 official statistics have revealed an 82% enrolment rate in kindergartens across Bahrain denoting progress in the education sector.The statistics include a variety of...
Road safety

Bahrain To Improve Road Safety

In an attempt to reduce traffic issues due to the delinquency of youngsters, the General Director of Traffic organized a number of road safety...
Bahrain first satellite

Bahrain To Launch First Satellite In 2020

Bahrain’s National Space Agency (NSSA) will elevate the stance of the Kingdom with the launch of the nation’s first satellite by 2020 which will...
lunar eclipse

Kuwait To Experience Partial Lunar Eclipse

Kuwait is following up on the stages of a partial lunar eclipse of the moon, which started at 11:02 pm (local time), as per...

Agora Training Centre: Training Today for a Safer Tomorrow

Agora Training Centre Bahrain, offers a vast variety of training programs approved by Ministry of Labour and Tamkeen as well as International Accreditation bodies....
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