Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Health & Education

Expat Life in GCC, Accident rates and fatalities, Qualification of Employees in Job Sector in GCC, Healthy Lifestyle, Climate Updates and Implementation of Road Safety Measures.

UAE To Introduce Colour-Coded Nutrition Labels On Food

Making healthier food choices is about to get easier, as the UAE is set to roll-out colour-coded labels on foods to let people know...

Sharjah Ruler: Only 25 Students Allowed Per Class

Sharjah’s private schools will no longer have more than 25 pupils in each classroom and teachers told not to take more than 24 lessons per...
Bahrain- Food Served At Religious Ceremony Leaves 27 With ‘Food Poisoning’

Bahrain: Food From Religious Ceremony Leaves 27 With ‘Food Poisoning’

27 people to undergo treatment for food poisoning after consuming food served at a religious ceremony in Muharraq according to the Ministry of Health.Those...

UAE: Prices Of 410 Medicines To Be Reduced

The Ministry of Health and Prevention of the UAE will reduce the prices of 410 generic drugs with effect from September 15.The reduction of...
Bahrain’s efforts to provide continuous education has contributed to the reduction of the illiteracy rate in the nation.

Bahrain’s 2.4% Illiteracy Rate Among The Lowest In The World

Illiteracy in Bahrain is less than 2.4%, among the lowest rates in the world stated the Minister of Education marking the International Literacy Day.The...
Bahrain-Working Hours For Health Centres During Ashura Holidays

Bahrain: Working Hours For Health Centres During Ashoora Holidays

The Ministry of Health has announced the working hours of the kingdom’s health centres during Ashoora holidays.Muharraq Northern Health Centre, Hamad Kano Health Centre...
Bahrain -Inspection Campaign To Eliminate Illegal Street Vendors

Bahrain: Inspection Campaign To Eliminate Illegal Street Vendors

The Capital Municipality Council has announced that inspection campaigns on illegal street vendors will be intensified due to the lack of food standards suitable...
12 scientific reasons to drink coffee

12 Scientific Reasons To Drink Coffee

Here are the top 12 evidence- based health benefits of coffee, as confirmed in medical studies:Improve Energy and Make You Smarter - This...
How to stop procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating

Show me someone who doesn’t procrastinate, and I’ll show you a robot. Everyone procrastinates.A little “research” yields a number of reasons for procrastination: fear...
Bahrain- Ministry of Education ‘Recruiting Only Bahrainis, Not Foreigners’

Bahrain: Ministry of Education ‘Recruiting Only Bahrainis, Not Foreigners’

The Ministry of Education affirmed that the recruitment process for the upcoming academic year is confined only to the Bahrainis.The officials’ refuted social media...
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