Sunday, July 21, 2019

Health & Education

Expat Life in GCC, Accident rates and fatalities, Qualification of Employees in Job Sector in GCC, Healthy Lifestyle, Climate Updates and Implementation of Road Safety Measures.

lunar eclipse

Kuwait To Experience Partial Lunar Eclipse

Kuwait is following up on the stages of a partial lunar eclipse of the moon, which started at 11:02 pm (local time), as per...
summer work ban

Bahrain: LMRA Launches Awareness On Summer Work Ban

The LMRA in cooperation with the Ministry of Health held an open meeting to raise expatriate workers awareness on the importance of outdoor work...

So you stopped smoking and went electronic instead?

Stop all that bad tar, chemicals and smoke - with E-cigarettes. It's just water vapour, some nicotine and a bit of flavor. So no...
health ministry

Bahrain: Health Ministry Issues Notices On Hygiene Violations

The Ministry of health conducted surprise inspections at many restaurants in the capital city and a number of hygiene violations were reported.The inspections targeted...

Agora Training Centre: Training Today for a Safer Tomorrow

Agora Training Centre Bahrain, offers a vast variety of training programs approved by Ministry of Labour and Tamkeen as well as International Accreditation bodies....

Bahrain: Coastguard Rescues Five-Member Family

The Coastguard patrols rescued five members of the same family when their boat was about to sink near Al Dar Islands early this week....
medical negligence

Bahrain: Health Ministry Accused Of Medical Negligence

The court ordered the Health Ministry to pay BD29,000 in compensation to relatives of a dead man on charges of medical negligence. The Public...

Bahrain: Fire Breaks Out In Hamad Town Kindergarten Building

No injuries were reported after a kindergarten building caught fire in Hamad Town on Monday. Reportedly, no children were present at the facility as they...
Bahrain defence force

Bahrain Defence Force Announces Live Ammunition Firing

The Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) announced that the Royal Bahraini Navy Force (RBNF) will implement a live ammunition firing on Wednesday and Thursday (June...
illegal medicine trading

Bahrain: Two Arrested For Illegal Medicine Trading Business

The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) in collaboration with Director –General of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Sciences arrested two Bahrainis for illegally promoting and...
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