Monday, September 23, 2019

Health & Education

Expat Life in GCC, Accident rates and fatalities, Qualification of Employees in Job Sector in GCC, Healthy Lifestyle, Climate Updates and Implementation of Road Safety Measures.

Bahrain- Ministry of Education ‘Recruiting Only Bahrainis, Not Foreigners’

Bahrain: Ministry of Education ‘Recruiting Only Bahrainis, Not Foreigners’

The Ministry of Education affirmed that the recruitment process for the upcoming academic year is confined only to the Bahrainis.The officials’ refuted social media...
Bahrain: Recycling Highlighted In Waste Management Strategy

Bahrain: Waste Management Strategy Set

The implementation of the National Waste Management Strategy will contribute to addressing the waste problem in the long run, as well as to benefiting...
BD 4.5 Million Multi Storey Parking Lot For Salmaniya

Bahrain: BD 4.5 Million Multi Storey Parking Lot For Salmaniya

Bahrain Real Estate Investment (Edamah) intends to build and develop a multi-storey building for cars near the Salmaniya Medical Complex and is seeking construction...
Bahrain: Firm control On Driving Instructors Demanded

Bahrain: Firm Control On Driving Instructors Demanded

Hoorat Aali residents have submitted a number of letters and complaints to officials about training driving trainees in their residential neighborhoods.The area of Hoorat...
General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI)

Bahrain: Bahrainis Ranked Primary Victims Of Worksite Accidents

Bahrainis have faced more worksite accidents than expats during the second quarter of this year, according to the latest statistics issued by the General...

Saudi: Guardian’s Permit No Longer Required For Overseas Students

All Saudi students studying abroad will no longer need a permit from their guardians when they travel, even if they are under the age...
ministry of health

Bahrain: Health Ministry Receives Canadian Accreditation

Bahrain’s Health Ministry has been granted the ‘Accreditation-Diamond’ status by for its distinction in the primary health care services, thus adding a new milestone...

Bahrain: Woman Dies After Driving Test

A 56-year-old woman died at the Bahrain Driving School in A’Ali on Wednesday morning. According to the Ministry of Interior, the woman had just passed...
largest school

Bahrain: Largest Public School Project Completed

The works ministry has completed the largest public school project in Jau and handed it over to the Ministry of Education.Works Affairs said that...

American University Of Bahrain Set To Open In September

The first purpose-built, American-style university is set to open in Bahrain in September located in Riffa and has been designed to cater for up...

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