CNN Poll Says 66% Of Americans Believe Another Joe Biden Term Will ‘Lead To Disaster’

Following an Associated Press/NORC poll in April which indicated that only 26% of Democrats want Joe Biden to run for a second term as president, a recent CNN poll conducted by SSRS now shows that 66% of all Americans (not just Republicans) believe that another four years of Biden could lead to ‘disaster.’  Even CNN can’t dismiss the “horrible news” any longer.

The reasons behind this massive decline in support vary. Biden’s bizarre behaviour during the entirety of his first term has led to multiple embarrassing displays during diplomatic events, and many people are beginning to suspect he is suffering from some form of dementia. Biden has a long list of recorded flubs and outright fantasy tales, from multiple claims that his son “died in the Iraq war” when he actually died of brain cancer.

To his constant aimless wandering as if he does not know where he is. The feeling of unease is only multiplied by the increasing tensions between NATO and Russia. With nuclear arms involved, it may be valid to demand that Biden finally take a cognitive test. Democrats are right to be worried.


Zero Hedge
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