Cops to Impound Andrew Tate’s £4.8M Bugatti Stored in Dubai

Romanian authorities will impound and sell Andrew Tate’s £4.8 million Bugatti if he is convicted, it is claimed.

The self-proclaimed misogynist’s luxury sports car, which he stores in Dubai, is reportedly set to be seized by police following his arrest on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and organised crime.

Last month the authorities seized several luxury cars from Tate’s compound on the outskirts of Bucharest, Romania’s capital.

But now, Romanian officials are turning their attention to other countries where the former kickboxer and YouTube personality has significant assets.

The £4.8 million Bugatti is believed to be the car Tate posted online in an attempt to taunt Greta Thunberg, before the climate activist savagely put him down for his ‘small d**k energy’.

Romanian publication Gandul reported that a representative of the country’s Administration of Impaired Assets sent a request to Dubai officials in the United Arab Emirates to seize the sports car and transfer it to Romania.

Romanian officials are also looking at other countries where Tate and his brother Tristan hold or store assets. Gandul reported that this includes the UK, USA, and Ireland.

Following approval from Dubai, the car will reportedly be transported to Romania where it will sit in a warehouse until he is released or charged. Police have already seized a fleet of cars belonging to the Tate brothers, their properties, and collection of luxury watches.

Last month, vehicles including a Rolls-Royce, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz were seen being taken from the Tates’ compound near the capital to be transported to a storage facility.

Tate’s Romanian car collection was estimated to be worth around £6 million.

Cars included a McLaren 765LT worth up to £410,000, and blue Rolls-Royce Wraith, thought to have cost about £310,000.

If charged, it is claimed the Romanian court will determine any financial damages or charges incurred by Andrew and Tristan Tate which will then be taken from their accounts.

Gandul reported their assets, including £4.8 million Bugatti and their car collection, will be sold by authorities to recover the total amount. The Bugatti is believed to be the same car Tate attempted to troll climate activist Thunberg with.

The Tate brothers and their alleged accomplices, Georgiana Naghel and Launa Radu, have been in police custody since December 29 last year. They are being held on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organised crime group to exploit women.

Prosecutors claim the brothers lured women into the studio where they were sexually exploited through ‘acts of physical violence and mental coercion (through intimidation, constant supervision, control and invocation of alleged debts)’, and made to produce and share pornographic material.

Andrew Tate is also accused of raping a Moldovan woman in March 2022, which he categorically denies.

The four continue to deny any wrongdoing.


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