Coronavirus: India Under 14-Hour Lockdown

Millions of Indians went into lockdown Sunday as the country brought most of its vast railway network to a halt in a bid to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Most domestic flights were grounded and shops shut their doors for the 14-hour curfew that is designed to test the country’s ability to fight the pandemic.

Normally bustling streets in the capital New Delhi and financial hub of Mumbai were mostly deserted as the shutdown began at 7:00 am (0130 GMT).

Incoming international flights have also been banned.

While the lockdown was not mandatory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the population of 1.3 billion to help prepare for the challenges ahead.

The curfew — which some see as a rehearsal for a longer lockdown — comes as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in India surges past 320, with five deaths reported so far.


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