Dubai: 26.45kg of Marijuana Hidden in Onion Shipments Seized by Customs

Dubai Customs seized 26.45kg of marijuana hidden in red onion shipments, the authority said on Wednesday.

The authority conducted a thorough check on two different air freight shipments which arrived from an African country and recovered 14.85kg and 11.6kg respectively.

The authority said that officials grew suspicious since the arrival of the initial air freight shipment in Dubai. The shipment bags contained bags labelled as ‘red onions.’

A thorough examination using X-ray detection devices revealed varying densities in the images, leading to the discovery of 14.85kg of marijuana.

Another shipment from the same African country arrived several hours later, describing similar goods (red onion bags), but with different exporter names. It underwent examination and revealed 11.6kg of marijuana upon X-ray inspection.

The handling and documentation of the shipments and seized substances were conducted in collaboration with the Dubai Police.


Khaleej Times

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