Dubai: Indian Expat Who Won DH20 Million in Mahzooz Spent DH25,000 Over Two Years

After actively participating in the Mahzooz draw for the last two years and spending over Dh25,000 in raffles, an Indian expat in Dubai has finally hit the jackpot of Dh20 million.

Working at an architectural firm, 47-year-old Sachin has been a dedicated participant in the Mahzooz draw since its inception in 2022. The magnificent win has left him in a state of shock, and he is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is now a multi-millionaire in Dubai.

“This win came as a complete shock to me. The news has changed my daily routine, and I am unable to sleep since I got the call from Mahzooz officials,” excited Sachin told sources.

The Mumbai native matched the five winning numbers – 2, 9, 10, 15, 36, which he had randomly selected for the draw. “Sometimes, my children would choose the numbers; we either has a pattern of choosing numbers – like selecting lucky numbers for us or would opt for randomised number.”

On Saturday, when the Mahzooz draw announced the winner’s name, Sachin couldn’t watch the live event as he called it a night early. He was shell-shocked while browsing his mailbox on Sunday morning and finding out how lady luck smiled upon him. “Later, I received a confirmation call from the Mahzooz team, which has changed my life,” said Sachin.

With the recent windfall, Sachin wants to prioritise his children’s education and consider wise investments. “With the money I have won, I hope to secure a better future for my kids. I have not decided on investment and spending yet, as it’s only been a few days.”

Sachin also believes luck favoured him after he adopted a kitten on the very day he struck the jackpot. Sachin welcomed a cat Saturday morning and struck the jackpot the same evening. It’s more than a coincidence for him, “the kitten is lucky for me,” Sachin smiled.


Khaleej Times
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