Dubai’s Emirates Lifts Check-in Suspension for Departures

Emirates has lifted the suspension on check-in for flights departing from Dubai International Airport, a spokesperson confirmed to sources.

Customers can now check-in for their flights departing from Dubai.

“Please make your way to the airport only if you have a confirmed flight booking, as the airport remains congested,” the spokesperson said.

Emirates temporarily suspends check-ins at Dubai Airport on Wednesday

Emirates had temporarily suspended check-in process earlier due to heavy congestion at the airport following flight cancellations and delays caused by recent bad weather.

“Customers impacted by flight cancellations should contact their booking agent or Emirates contact centre for rebooking,” adding that there may “still be delays to arriving and departing flights. Please check the latest flight schedules on”

Emirates has apologised for the disruption faced by customers due to bad weather.

“We appreciate how difficult it is for everyone affected,” the spokesperson said, adding that the airline’s teams are working to resume scheduled operations and provide accommodation and amenities for affected customers currently at the airport.


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