Hidin’ The Biden: White House Aides Warned Not To Discuss The Actual Number Of Grandchildren Joe Biden Has

White House aides have reportedly been warned not to discuss the actual number of grandchildren President Joe Biden has after Hunter Biden successfully settled with his stripper baby-mama to deprive his 4-year-old estranged daughter of the Biden family name. (The aristocrats!) 

According to the NY Times, aides were advised in strategy meetings to say Biden has six grandchildren, not the true number of seven.

Biden has repeatedly claimed to only have six grandchildren, excluding Hunter Biden’s child Navy Joan Roberts.

The White House has also ghosted the four-year-old from the annual Christmas stocking decorations, while Biden spox Karine Jean-Pierre has (surprise!) refused to talk about her from the podium.

On Thursday, Hunter and Lunden Roberts settled their case, with Hunter offering to give his daughter some of his paintings, while Lunden agreed to a reduction in child support payments.


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