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How is The Lagoon, Amwaj supporting Bahrain’s creative community?

Creativity lets you express yourself without the use of words. The Lagoon, Amwaj has been emerging itself as a hub for creatives, promoting and supporting art of all forms at community spaces such as the Creative Cube.

Over the years, The Lagoon has held several supportive activities and exhibitions, bringing creative hands and minds together to showcase their art and music.

The most recent creative event hosted is the Art Gathering 2022 (running from 19-26 February, near Gate 7) at the Creative Cube featuring art displays from 40 artists from all walks of life, and bridging the gap between different mediums of art.

The event was co-organised by full-time artist, Feryal Baskati who shared some insight with us about the event and future events to come.

What kind of opportunities does the Creative Cube open up to artists in the surrounding community?

Creative spaces like the Creative Cube at The Lagoon offers opportunities for seasoned and emerging artists alike to network and meet like-minded people. It also enables them to expand their talents in immersive environments and provides them with the necessary resources and inspiration to create and grow as artists.

Why is it important to build a creative community in Bahrain?

Now especially with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for creatives to build a community that provides support and fosters connection among individuals with shared interests and common goals. This is a great opportunity for artists to gain experiences and learn from one another.  

How will these art gatherings develop in the future?

Future developments of these types of art gatherings can see additional creative activities and potentially running electronic art exhibitions, according to Feryal. They are planning to install TVs in all the cafes around the Lagoon, where the art can be displayed for these events.

To whom are these Art Gatherings open for?

It’s for everyone. There are plans to discover and foster children artists and encourage them to pursue their passion. “I believe that in every person, there’s an artist”, Feryal said.

What else is going on at The Lagoon this weekend?

Over the weekend, there will be live music during sunset & DJ sessions by the water until 26th February. Visitors to The Lagoon can also expect more exciting activities and entertainment for creatives and visitors alike soon.

For more information on The Lagoon, call 1603 0624 or follow them on social media @thelagoonbh to stay updated on future events.

Check out Feryal’s art @feryalisshaq.


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