Investment Manager Warns US Dollar Could Lose Most of Its Value in 5 Years

Authored by Kevin Helms

Larry Lepard, investment manager and founder of Equity Management Associates (EMA), shared his prediction about the demise of the U.S. dollar in an interview with Kitco News. The executive then explained how he came up with his prediction: “I base that on looking at history and other currency events in other countries and kind of watching the patterns of how long it takes.”

Lepard detailed that following the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war, “the U.S. did something which I perceived to be very stupid, which is it seized $600 billion of Russian currency reserves, and that sent the message to every other country in the world that ‘Hey if the U.S. doesn’t like what you’re doing, they can grab your money.’”

The investment manager proceeded to discuss inflation. “We have a lot of inflation and sadly it’s only going to get worse,” he stressed. For safe haven assets, he recommends gold and bitcoin, seeing them both as “sound money.”

Noting that politicians change rules to suit themselves, such as when they bailed out failed Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, Lepard warned that “you can’t trust a word” those in control of the fiat currency say “because everything they do is crafted to keep themselves in power, to keep the system which puts money in their pocket running.” However, he stressed that each time those in power change the rules, “more and more people are waking up” and finding alternatives to the U.S. dollar.


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