Kuwait: Over 100 Filipino Maids Leave in Under 4 Days After Housemaid’s Brutal Murder

Over 114 Filipino maids left Kuwait in less than four days after the brutal killing of domestic worker Jullebee Ranara last month, according to several local news reports.

Ranara, 35, was killed by a 17-year-old boy who reportedly raped and burnt her.

The domestic worker spoke to her family earlier last month, confiding that she was afraid of her employer’s son. She vanished a day later only to be found dead beside a road in a desert with her skull smashed and her body charred.

Last week, the Philippine government said that it would take steps to assess and prevent abuses including rape and maltreatment of Filipino workers in the Gulf country.

The Ministry of Migrant Labor in the Philippines blacklisted Kuwaiti recruitment offices, preventing Filipino workers from being sent to work in Kuwait.

Kuwait’s interior ministry immediately launched an investigation after receiving reports of the victim’s body and solved the case within 24 hours. The Kuwaiti teen suspect was accused of raping and killing the housemaid.

Ranara’s death marks the latest tragedy to befall an overseas expat worker from the Philippines and a heartbreaking loss for the Filipino community.



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