Kuwait: Travellers face issues with Mosafer application

As people set off for their summer travel, many have been experiencing issues with the Kuwait Mosafer platform which is required for all those travelling to and from Kuwait.

The application is used by Kuwait’s Civil Aviation to organise travel and adhere to health measures put in place. Most notably, travellers have to input their travel details, pay for a PCR upon arrival and upload their vaccine certificate.

Many people took to social media to complain about the application, with some saying that they missed their flights because their details were not recognised on the platform.

Several MPs also called on the government to stop requiring passengers to use the application. MP Hamad Al Matar said in a Tweet: “Citizens are stuck at airports and tickets are very expensive. Who bears these losses and waste at airports? Why is it that only Kuwait is stuck because of impractical and immature decisions? The government should stop the Mosafer application now.”


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