Law-Makers Ready To Boost Bahrainization Across Key Sectors

A new draft law is poised to receive approval from the Bahrain Council of Representatives on Tuesday, marking a pivotal step towards bolstering the Bahraini workforce.

The proposed legislation aims to implement Bahrainization measures across key sectors, including medical, legal, accounting, education, banking, and aviation.

If passed, it will mandate companies operating in Bahrain to prioritise the employment of Bahraini nationals in these professions within two years.

The draft law is presented by MPs Ahmed Abdulwahed Qarata, Mohammed Mohammed Al Rifaei, Mohammed Salman Al Ahmed, Hassan Eid Bu Khamas, and Mohammed Hussain Janahi.

Despite reservations voiced by the Ministry of Labour and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the draft law has secured approval from the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament.

While the Ministry of Labour contends that existing strategies suffice for achieving similar goals, the draft law’s proponents argue for a more targeted approach to national employment.

This strategy connects job seekers of varying qualifications with attractive and suitable employment opportunities.

The Ministry has introduced various mechanisms and initiatives aligned with the government’s work programme for 2023–2026 and the economic recovery plan for 2021–2024.

These initiatives aim to recruit 20,000 Bahraini nationals and provide training for 10 Bahraini job seekers annually until 2024.

Thorough re-review

In addition, the BCCI has emphasised the importance of conducting a thorough re-review of the draft law.

They have called for establishing a mechanism for implementation, which should include the identification of specialised sectors and carefully considering the strategic directions set by the executive authority.

The Services Committee of Bahrain Parliament has recommended the approval of the draft law, underscoring its significance and potential benefits.

MP Ahmed Abdulwahed Qarata.


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