Lufthansa Reveals New Long-Haul Cabin Called Allegris

Lufthansa has unveiled an incredible new mile-high-club-friendly long-haul cabin called Allegris, which includes a first class featuring a suite with a ‘honeymoon’ double bed and gigantic 43-inch entertainment screen.

This suite – known as First Class Suite Plus – comprises ceiling-high walls, an entirely closable door and two one-metre-wide (3.2ft) side-by-side seats that can transform into a double bed, making it ‘the perfect way for a couple to start their honeymoon’, according to Lufthansa.

Friends and business colleagues can book the suite – the seats operate individually so one can be upright and the other horizontal – but it’s an experience best suited to couples: there’s no privacy divider, one single table for dining and the huge screen is shared. Though each passenger has access to a tablet for watching movies and TV.

The Allegris first-class cabin, designed by London-based PriestmanGoode, will be arranged in a 1-2-1 formation, with the Suite Plus seat in the middle. The seats either side are for solo travellers. First-class passengers will also have personal wardrobes and seats that can be heated and cooled, a feature says travel expert Rhys Jones from that is ‘a standout from other carriers’.

The Allegris business-class cabin, designed by London-based Pearson Lloyd, will also feature heated seats, along with an impressive seven seat options – double suites in the middle in the first row, a ‘unique single extra space seat’, a window seat ‘with a high degree of privacy’, a seat with an extra-long 2.2m (7.2ft) lie-flat seat, a baby bassinet seat, twin seats that can form a double berth by means of a retractable centre console, and a ‘classic’ aisle-access business-class seat.

Other business-class features include wireless charging, wardrobe, personal minibar and Bluetooth. The new premium economy, another PriestmanGoode design, features hard-shell seats, so that reclining doesn’t interfere with the passenger behind, wireless charging in the centre armrest and noise-cancelling headphones. PriestmanGoode also created the new economy seats, which feature tablet holders and USB ports. What’s more, passengers can book a free seat next to them.

More than 80 new Lufthansa aircraft will be fitted with Allegris – the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Boeing 777-9, Boeing 747-8 and the Airbus A350. The first Allegris will appear on the 787 Dreamliner before the end of 2023, with the A350-900 the first to introduce the new first class in 2024.


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