Maroon 5 Concert In Jordan Cancelled Amidst Palestine Issue

The highly anticipated Maroon 5 concert in Jordan, originally scheduled for November 10, has been cancelled due to the ongoing Palestine issue.

Despite the cancellation in Jordan, fans in Bahrain can breathe a sigh of relief as the Maroon 5 concert scheduled for November 13 at Al Dana Amphitheatre will proceed as planned.

The decision to cancel the show in Jordan was made by organisers who prioritised the safety and well-being of concertgoers amidst escalating tensions.

After consulting with local authorities and security experts, they concluded that caution was necessary.

Ensuring the safety of the band, crew, and fans was of utmost importance in this decision. According to the official 165 Entertainment Jordan website, fans who purchased tickets for the Jordan concert will receive full refunds.

The organisers are diligently working to facilitate a smooth refund process, and additional details will be provided in the coming days.

Surprisingly, the cancellation of the concert in Jordan has brought about a sense of happiness among people, as expressed by numerous online users on the 165 Entertainment website.

One user, Hind Najjar, shared her opinion by saying, “I was incredibly excited about the Maroon 5 concert, but I’m actually glad it got cancelled.

We can now look forward to celebrating at a more opportune time.”

Nisreen Haddad Rabie expressed her gratitude, stating, “We appreciate the government and organisers for making the decision to cancel.

It shows their strong moral values and patriotism.”


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