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Meta Introduces New Whatsapp App for Windows

Meta has come up with a new WhatsApp app for Windows that is similar to the mobile version of the app.

With the latest update, WhatsApp desktop users can start voice calls with up to 32 people and 8 video calls. Mac users will soon have access to the updated version. Beta testers are working on a brand new WhatsApp desktop app for Mac, Mashable reported. In a recent blog post, Meta announced that its Windows instant messaging application had been updated with a new look and additional features.

“32 voice calls and 8 video calls can now be hosted by you. So that you may stay in continual contact with your friends, family, and coworkers, we will continue to expand these limits over time, the statement read.

The newest version of the Windows desktop software for WhatsApp includes the capability for both video and audio calling. Just updating to the newest version of WhatsApp will give you access to the new functionality.

The new features which will start rolling out globally over the coming weeks.



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