Oscars push next year’s ceremony to March 27

Planning is already underway for the 94th Oscars, which will be held on March 27, 2022, the film academy and ABC said Thursday.

The show will return to the Dolby Theatre for its ABC broadcast and the eligibility window will once again close at the end of the calendar year, said AP.

The academy said, however, that dates remain subject to change. The organization is also acknowledging that the movie business is still being impacted by the pandemic and are extending the streaming eligibility caveat if they adopted last year into the 2021 awards season.

That means that films don’t necessarily have to have a theatrical run to qualify and can debut on streaming or video on demand services.

The end of March broadcast date is much later than usual for Hollywood’s biggest awards show. Originally the 94th edition was set to air on Feb. 27, but that month is also crowded with major live events, including the 2022 Olympics and the Super Bowl.


Bahrain News Agency
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