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Rape Attempt – GCC National Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

The High Criminal Court has sentenced an 18-year-old GCC national to 15 years in prison after he attempted to rape an Asian woman which led to her death.

It’s said that the woman tried to escape from the man’s grip by jumping from the building in which she was living. Details of the case reveal that the defendant harassed the woman on many occasions, but he, on the day of the incident, decided to rape her after getting drunk. It’s said that he harassed her and threatened her with a hammer to go to her room in a bid to have sex with her. However, she tried to run away and she headed to the roof of the building. She attempted to jump to the next building, but she fell down from a huge height and was declared dead on the spot, according to Prosecutors. 

“My friend told me a month ago that a man was stalking her. He harassed her while he was drunk and she requested him not to repeat that. “We agreed to meet at night to have dinner together, but I was shocked when I received a message from her on my WhatsApp telling that the man was waiting for her beside the building,” the victim’s friend told Prosecutors. “I called her several times but she didn’t pick up the phone and then I knew she died,” she added. The High Criminal Court stated in its ruling that the defendant was given a light sentence considering his young age. He has already admitted to committing the crime.


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