Return Of The ‘Knockout Game’? Women Punched By “Strangers” In New York City

The New York Post is speculating that the infamous ‘knockout game’ could have made a comeback after numerous women reported being punched in the head by “strangers” in New York City.

Over the course of the last two weeks, multiple women have released viral TikTok videos explaining how they were taken by surprise and assaulted on the street.

“You guys, I was literally just walking, and a man came up and punched me in the face,” Halley Kate, an influencer who has 1.1 million followers on TikTok told her fans.

“Oh my God, it was so bad, I can’t even talk,” she added.

Mikayla Toninato told a similar story of how she “just got punched in the face, walking home.”

“I was literally like leaving class, I turned the corner and I was looking down and I was looking at my phone, and like texting, and then, out of nowhere, this man just came up and hit me in the face,” she said.

Another woman named Oliva Brand said, “I literally got punched in the head on the sidewalk. He goes, ‘Sorry,’ and then punches me in the head.”

The NY Post reports that those attacks “appear similar to the “knockout game,” where young people encourage each other to randomly sucker-punch strangers.”

What they didn’t report is that a large portion of ‘the knockout game’ attacks involved black people punching white people.

Just like the victims in their initial TikTok videos failed to say what the culprit looked like, the New York Post article contains no description of the actual perpetrators, describing them only as “strangers.”

As we document in the video above, according to at least two of the victims who later responded to innumerable comments asking for a description, the culprit was a black man.

None of them pointed that out to begin with, probably because they didn’t want to be seen as racist, which apparently is worse than punching random white girls in the head.


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