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Saudi: 77 establishments enter local market daily

A total of 7,047 private sector establishments entered the local market during the third quarter of 2021.

By this, the total number of establishments operating in the private sector reached 636,311, an increase of 1.12 percent, This showed that the average daily entry of establishments in the market reached 77, and that signals the signs of the economic recovery in the post-pandemic period.

8,652 micro-enterprises entered the market, bringing the total number of these establishments to 441,122, an increase of two percent. A total of 446 establishments, where workers strength range between five and nine, entered the market during the period.

The total number of these establishments reached 106,045. The period also witnessed the entry of 63 establishments, with the number of workers ranging between 200 and 299 in each firm, and this marked an increase of 4.16 percent, bringing the total number of these establishments to 1,579. The number of establishments with workers strength lying between 400 and 499 rose by 41 establishments to reach 462 establishments, an increase of 9.72 percent.

With regard to government establishments, the number of establishments operating under the social insurance system increased to 1,374. The number of establishments of which the number of employees ranged between 400 and 499 rose to 44 establishments.


Saudi Gazette
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