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Saudi Arabia Declares Annual Saudi Green Initiative Day To Promote Climate Action

In a move to underscore its commitment to environmental sustainability, Saudi Arabia has established March 27 as the annual Saudi Green Initiative Day, coinciding with the date of the initiative’s launch in 2021.

This day is set to foster awareness and inspire action across the Kingdom towards achieving a more sustainable future, in line with the ambitious Saudi Green Initiative (SGI).

Marked under the theme “For Our Today and Their Tomorrow: KSA Together for a Greener Future,” the inaugural Saudi Green Initiative Day aims to mobilize collective efforts from all segments of society.

It encourages citizens and residents to actively participate in sustainability efforts, inviting them to share their pledges for a greener Saudi on social media with the hashtag #ForAGreenerSaudi.

An information pack, including a ‘pledge postcard’, is available on the SGI website to guide participants on how to contribute effectively to the nation’s sustainability goals.

The celebration of the first Saudi Green Initiative Day brings to light over 80 initiatives from both the public and private sectors, representing an investment exceeding SR705 billion into the green economy.

These initiatives are pivotal in accelerating Saudi Arabia’s green transition, aligning with Vision 2030’s objectives to enhance quality of life and cultivate economic opportunities in emerging sectors.

Moreover, the SGI’s efforts have contributed significantly to environmental restoration, biodiversity preservation, and combating desertification and dust storms.

Key achievements highlighted on this day include, the connection of 2.8 GW of renewable energy to the national grid, sufficient to power over 520,000 homes, with further projects under construction and development aimed at boosting this capacity significantly.

This progress is part of Saudi Arabia’s goal to source 50% of its power generation capacity from renewable resources by 2030.

Also, the planting of over 49 million trees and shrubs and the rehabilitation of 94,000 hectares of degraded land, marking substantial strides towards the goal of planting 10 billion trees across the Kingdom.

A comprehensive road map for sustainable afforestation was launched during the MENA Climate Week in Riyadh in October 2023, following extensive studies and collaborations with global experts.

The enhancement of protected land and marine areas, with 18.1% of land and 6.49% of marine environments in Saudi Arabia now under protection.

Efforts to rewild endangered species have seen significant success, including the rewilding of over 1,660 animals and the birth of seven Arabian leopard cubs under a conservation breeding program in Taif.

The Saudi Green Initiative, launched by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Salman, on March 27, 2021, serves as a comprehensive framework to unite and enhance the Kingdom’s sustainability efforts.

As an integral part of Vision 2030, SGI is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s dedication to combating climate change, fostering sustainable innovation, and preserving the nation’s natural heritage for future generations.


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