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Saudi Arabia: New subjects, 3 semesters for next school year, says MOE

The Ministry of Education announced that new subjects will be added in the next academic year, in addition to the development of curricula, in order to keep pace with international best practices and achieve the goals of Vision 2030.

It was further stated that the new academic year will be divided into three semesters, and each will consist of 13 weeks, with a one-week break after each semester.

The number of holidays in the new academic year will reach 12, Al-Sheikh said, indicating that all the countries in the world have holidays more than the Kingdom; however, their summer holidays are less. He added that a long interruption is harmful to the educational process.

The development will not be limited to the overall system and will affect the plans and curricula of universities because the aim is to dispense with the preparatory year and to provide basic materials.


Saudi Gazette
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