Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia ranks first internationally in 4 entrepreneurship indicators

The National Centre for Performance Measurement (ADAA), which measures the international variable levels of stimulating entrepreneurship and its activity, said that the Kingdom has scored global success in four international sub-indicators in the field of entrepreneurship in 2021.

The advancement included “Availability of good opportunities to start a business”; “Ease of starting a business”; “Entrepreneurs’ response to the pandemic”; and “The Kingdom’s government response to the pandemic” indicators.

In addition, the Kingdom has achieved advanced positions in six other indicators, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report (GEM).

The Kingdom outperformed 45 countries in the indicators of availability of good opportunities to start a business, ease of starting a business, entrepreneurs’ response to the pandemic and government response to the pandemic.

AADA added that the Kingdom came second in the indicators of encouraging infrastructure for entrepreneurs and possessing skills and knowledge by individuals.

The Kingdom also took the third position of ease of obtaining financing for companies as well as easy access and market dynamics. It also ranked fourth globally on the government support for business as well as low obstacles and easy systems for market access.


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