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Saudi Arabia to host World Defense Show

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A fully integrated defense show that will bring together air, land, sea, security and satellite defense systems has been announced on Wednesday to take place in Saudi Arabia starting 2022.

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) announced the launch of ‘World Defense Show’. The show will take center stage in the global defense show circuit, offering exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to participate in Saudi Arabia’s first truly integrated defense show.

The inaugural event is scheduled to take place between March 6-9, 2022, and will then be held biennially in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh.

With global defense spending hitting $1.9 trillion in 2019, marking a 3.6% increase over the previous year’s figures, the World Defense Show is set to bring together the biggest defense players in the industry to discuss the challenges facing defense industry decision makers.

The topic of discussion will be focused on finding interoperable solutions across air, land, sea, security and satellite defense systems, with the event being the first time that all five defense areas have been brought together under one roof in Saudi Arabia.


The event will also bring together the latest technology innovations that will be demonstrated both live and virtually as the event takes center stage on the global defense show circuit.

World Defense Show is a display and demonstration of integrated and innovation-driven defense solutions, set to serve as the global stage for defense interoperability. The inaugural show will showcase the latest in interoperable defense solutions.

The event will be held in the presence of Saudi Arabia’s key leadership, international delegations and prominent industry decision makers from around the world.


The event takes place against the backdrop of news of the country’s ambitious targets to localize 50% of its military expenditure by 2030 as it seeks to strengthen its ties with defense industry partners from around the world, whilst encouraging investment opportunities and a new generation to aspire to work in the defense industry.

The show’s venue, estimated to accommodate 80,000 square meters of floor space, will feature demonstration facilities and virtual technological capabilities to showcase every defense domain on an unprecedented scale. 



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