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Saudi Border Guards rescue crew of ship on fire in Red Sea

Saudi Border Guards managed to rescue the crew of a Panamanian-flagged tanker that caught fire 123 nautical miles northwest of Jazan port in the Red Sea, according to the Border Guards.

Colonel Misfr Al-Qarini, official spokesman for the Border Guards, said Jeddah Search and Rescue Coordination Center (JMRCC) received a mayday signal from the fire-stricken tanker.

The center determined the location of the vessel and passed the distress call to the command and control center in Jazan and a number of relevant authorities to provide the necessary support, the spokesman said.

Colonel Al-Qarini confirmed that the crew of the ship, consisting of 25 sailors of multiple nationalities, were evacuated to the port of Jazan.

They were received by medical teams from the Border Guards, health affairs, the Red Crescent, civil defense and the passports in the region.

The Border Guard vessel Rafha carried out the rescue mission with the cooperation of a foreign ship.

All the crewmembers were reported to be in good health and were transferred to their residences while proper procedures were being followed.



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