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Saudi Camel Festival organizes ‘Tack up & Race’ competition

The Fifth edition of King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival (KAACF) recently organized the “Tack up & Race” competition in Al Sayahid Al Janoubia, northeast of Riyadh.

The multiple-stage competition starts with tacking up, getting on the camel, and heading to a specific location. Racers compete pick up the flags from the location and go back to the starting point, totaling 200 meters.

The last stage includes laying down the camel while keeping the flag up. The maximum race time is 15 minutes.

KAACF’s management team aims to spread fun & create entertainment activities for visitors & participants. Reviving the camel heritage is main goal of the festival.

“Shadad”, a competition for the fastest tent-pitching, was held in Al-Dahna’a Souq. The competition aims to show skills of setting up tents as fast as possible & educate visitors about one of the main elements of desert life.


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