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Saudi Investor and Farmer Creates Date-Based Perfumes and Shampoos

 A seasoned investor and palm farmer in Saudi Arabia has innovatively created perfume and shampoo products derived from dates.

This venture taps into the potential of palm byproducts, transforming them into unique cosmetic items.

“Our engagement with date palm cultivation and the production of palm derivatives started back in 1998,” he said. “We introduced new mechanisms from abroad to expedite production.”

In 2015, Al Yassin’s team embarked on a new venture within the palm world.

“We began producing date powder by drying the dates and extracting their moisture. This powder provided a substitute for white sugar,” he explained.

The team’s efforts have culminated in the creation of 60 transformative products to date, including date capsules and tablets. However, the fragrance line is their latest breakthrough.

Al Yassin revealed that the inspiration for the date perfume came from the unique properties of dates and their derivatives.

“The perfume utilises the best natural elements extracted from dates, enriched with essential oils sourced from the finest materials,” he noted.

The innovative product line, which includes both perfumes and shampoos, offers a distinct blend of natural ingredients and essential oils, reflecting the rich heritage and potential of dates. The perfumes are priced between 200 and 300 Saudi Riyals, marking a significant milestone in the utilization of date byproducts in the beauty and cosmetics industry.


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