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Saudi: Jeddah Enters Lockdown, Earlier Curfew

Residents in Saudi Arabia are banned from entering or exiting the Jeddah governorate as of today in an effort to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus, according to a statement from the Ministry of Interior.

A recently imposed curfew will also begin at 3 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. in the governorate, said the statement from the ministry.

The measures are the latest restrictions on movement in Saudi Arabia amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. King Salman bin Abdulaziz approved measures last week that banned residents in the Kingdom from travelling between its 13 provinces.
Riyadh, Mecca and Medina were also placed on lockdown as of Thursday, and curfew times were brought forward to also begin at 3 p.m. instead of 7 p.m.


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