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Saudi: Maximum Fine Raised to SR6000 For Dodging Vehicles

The General Department of Traffic confirmed that speed dodging among vehicles is a serious violation of traffic regulations and the violators will be slapped with fines ranging between SR3,000 and SR6,000.

In a statement on its X account, the department said that dodging vehicles causes one to lose control of the vehicle and cause sudden accidents. Speed dodging is a serious traffic violation that can result in a number of penalties, including eight logged points on a driver’s licence. The existing maximum fine for speed dodging is SR3000. The penalties also include the suspension of the offending driver’s licence for up to 30 days and a maximum three-month jail term.

Speed dodging is a manoeuvre in which a driver speeds up to pass another vehicle in a dangerous or reckless manner. This can include weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, or passing on the shoulder.

Speed-dodging is dangerous because it can lead to accidents. When drivers speed up to pass another vehicle, they often do not have enough time to react to changes in traffic. This can lead to collisions, which can result in serious injuries or death.


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