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Saudi: NCM denies temperature drop from Thursday

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) denied on Tuesday the statement that went viral regarding the decrease in temperature in most regions of Saudi Arabia, starting from Thursday.

The NCM said that there is no truth to the decrease in temperatures in the regions of the Kingdom, starting from Thursday, noting that they will remain at their summer rates.

The NCM’s denial was issued by its official spokesman, Hussain Al-Qahtani, following the centre’s analyst statement regarding the drop in temperatures in most regions of the Kingdom.

Al-Qahtani said that the centre’s analyst, Aqil Al-Aqeel’s statement, was clear about the current heat wave and the return of temperatures to their summer rates.

Al-Qahtani stressed that the temperatures will remain at their summer rates, noting that the weather will be hot to very hot in most regions of Saudi Arabia, except for the highlands.


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