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Saudi: Riyadh Public Transport Buses Begin Operation, Ticket Charges Set at SR4

The Royal Commission for Riyadh City announced on Sunday the launch of the operation of the first phase of the Riyadh Buses service within the King Abdulaziz Public Transport Project.

The commission has set the ticket fare for the trip on board the Riyadh buses at SR4. The ticket is valid for two hours, starting from the first login to board the bus or by activating through the application. It is possible to use the same ticket to board another bus during the two-hour period, and the ticket purchase mechanism has also been facilitated to benefit from the service.

The operation of the bus service is part of the first phase of the King Abdulaziz Public Transport Project. This project, which consists of trains and buses and costs $22.5 billion, is considered the largest public transport project in the world.

The commission stated that the Riyadh Buses network, with a total number of over 800 buses, will have a total length of 1,900 km when its five phases become fully operational. This will be operated through 86 lanes serving passengers through more than 2,900 stations and stopping points.

The bus service will contribute to providing ease of movement for all segments of society through the use of buses as a means to reach places of work, educational institutions, and recreational centres, and bring down dependence on the use of private cars and thus easing traffic congestion in the capital city.


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