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Saudi: Riyadh Season launches NFT access card

Visitors to the third Riyadh Season are being offered the chance to use the latest technology to gain entry to entertainment zones.

Non-fungible tokens in the form of an access card will enable holders to take part in activities and events including electronic games, Saudi and Arab festivals and plays, concerts, and local and international exhibitions.

NFTs are unique digital identifiers that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided. The first project was launched in 2015 via the Ethereum blockchain platform.

NFTs are used in many sectors, including games, selling songs, digital arts, clothing, cars, and for proving ownership of photos and videos. The technology is also used in medical records and health data, and for event ticketing.

The Riyadh Season access card grants visitors a set of privileges, including season-long entry to Boulevard Riyadh City and Boulevard World, the festival’s distinctive entertainment zones.

Boulevard World contains the largest man-made lake in the world and allows visitors to move from one culturally oriented subzone to another through 11 stations. It also has an amusement area.

Boulevard Riyadh City offers a variety of activities and events with theatres, concerts, shows, and games, in addition to cafes, restaurants, shops, and firework displays.

The access card can be obtained via


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