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Saudi: Royal Commission for AlUla Unveils Video Game Raising Awareness of Protection of Arabian Leopard

The Royal Commission for AlUla has launched a new immersive video game which focuses on the conservation of the Arabian leopard, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Monday.

“Quest for Hope,” which is available on both Roblox and Decentraland, invites players on a quest to protect and help preserve the endangered species.

The initiative reflects the commission’s commitment to educating the younger generation about the significance of preserving wildlife. It also highlights the commission’s successful breeding program in Taif, which has resulted in the birth of several Arabian leopard cubs, one of which was named Hope.

The game also boosts AlUla’s digital footprint in the metaverse, an initiative launched in 2022. This project offers visitors a unique virtual journey to Hegra, an archaeological treasure and the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia.


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