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Saudi: Social Media Influencers Fined And Suspended For Offensive Content, Including Nudity

Saudi Arabia’s Media Regulatory Authority has imposed fines totalling 400,000 Saudi riyals (approximately $106,000) and suspended the licenses of four prominent social media celebrities for sharing content deemed offensive and contrary to societal values, including nudity. The specific identities of the celebrities involved have not been disclosed.

The punitive measures include the suspension of their “Muwthak” licenses, a requirement for celebrities who engage in commercial advertising through their personal social media accounts.

The decision to penalise these individuals comes as part of a broader initiative by Saudi authorities to monitor and regulate the online activities of influencers. It is also part of an attempt to curb instances of indecency and ensure that all social media content conforms to the values upheld within the kingdom.

Local reports, including those from Sabq newspaper, have highlighted that this is not the first instance of Saudi officials taking action against celebrities for their social media content. The regulatory body has a history of addressing violations that range from inappropriate advertisements to personal posts that contravene the cultural and ethical norms of Saudi society.


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