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Saudi: Winter likely to start from Dec 7

The 40-day Al-Murabaniyah, or the season of biting cold, is expected to begin in Saudi Arabia on Dec 7 (Jamad Al-Awwal 3, 1443), which is the date of the actual beginning of the winter season, and will continue until Jan 14  (Jamad Al-Akher 11).

The actual beginning of the astronomical winter in the northern hemisphere is from Dec. 21 (Jamad Al-Awwal 17).

Al-Murabaniyah, which begins with Winter Solstice, is a period of intense cold that lasts 40 days. Specifically, it is the period extending from Dec. 22 to Jan. 31. This period is characterized by severe cold with the chances of frequent snowfall. The weather remains the coldest during this period with the daytime temperatures dipping drastically.


Saudi Gazette
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