Seven still missing after Beirut blast, says Lebanese army

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The Lebanese army said on Saturday that seven people, including at least three Lebanese nationals, remained missing after an August 4 blast at Beirut port that left at least 188 dead.

There are still “seven missing people: three Lebanese nationals whose relatives have submitted DNA samples, four Syrian nationals and one Egyptian national,” he told reporters.

The army spokesman said the figure was compiled from data submitted by the country’s Internal Security Forces, in coordination with the Red Cross.

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The ISF last week said it had identified the remains of 33 people who had gone missing following the explosion.

The health ministry said Saturday the death toll from the blast had climbed to 188.

The explosion of a huge stockpile of ammonium nitrate fertiliser in the port of Beirut also injured at least 6,500 people and left tens of thousands more homeless, piling new misery on the city after months of economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic.

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