Sharjah: 4-day week sees 90% increase in productivity of employees

The four-day work week system introduced in the UAE’s emirate of Sharjah has seen a rise of about 90 percent in job performance, happiness, and mental health, a government study showed.

The results were reviewed in a meeting on Tuesday of the Sharjah Executive Council (SEC), chaired by Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, and Chairman of the SEC.

Among employees, the study found a 90 percent increase in job satisfaction and a 90 percent improvement in job performance.

Happiness levels among employees rose by 91 percent after implementing the new system, while an 87 percent increase was reported in regard to the new system having a positive effect on their mental health.

According to the study, 84 percent of employees said the four-day work week helped achieve a work-life balance, while a 95 percent increase was reported among employees who enjoyed the weekends more.

The study also found that employees were able to spend more time participating in social events, exercising, taking part in their hobbies, pursuing their education, and working on their private commercial projects.

The results also showed an increase in employees’ productivity in 88 percent of government entities, an 81 percent increase in positive communication between employees, a 61 percent increase in the rate of providing e-government services outside of official working hours, a 74 percent increase in the attendance rate, a 76 percent increase in innovation and creativity, and a 46 percent decrease in sick-leave rate.

Sharjah first began implementing the four-day work week on January 1, 2022 – a move that has since been hailed globally as the future of work-life balance and increased productivity.


Al Arabiya
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