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UAE increases support for Emiratis’ salaries in private sector, banks

UAE has announced increasing support for the salaries of citizens in both private and banking sectors with the aim of attracting as many Emirati job-seekers as possible and encouraging them to acquire experience through their work in private and banking sector establishments.

This will contribute to building partnerships and supporting more than 170,000 Emirati beneficiaries in both the private and banking sectors over the next five years.

The decision covers all employees of the private and banking sectors, regardless of the date they joined the work, whether they were appointed before or after the launch of the Nafis programme on September 13, 2021.

It also expands the scope of salary support to include working Emiratis in all their jobs, fields of specialization and academic qualifications without exception, provided that the monthly salary does not exceed Dhs30,000.

The financial support has been raised so that the monthly financial allowance reaches a maximum of Dhs7,000 for holders of a bachelor’s degree, Dhs6,000 for diploma holders and Dhs5,000 for high school certificate holders and below.

According to the decision, Emiratis working in the private sector will be granted a children’s allowance of Dhs600 per son, provided that the total monthly salary does not exceed Dhs50,000. Support is provided for a maximum of four children for 5 years starting from the date of the decision.


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