UAE police launch ‘Obedience and Commitment’ campaign

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The Abu Dhabi Police launched a campaign for the month of Ramadan under the slogan “Our Month – Obedience and Commitment” to promote traffic safety and enhance public adherence to Covid-19 measures.

The police shared a post on social media urging drivers to adhere to the speed limits to avoid congestion and traffic accidents.

They also stressed that drivers should refrain from randomly stopping or parking cars near mosques during the evening and Taraweeh prayers as it obstructs traffic.

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Giving pedestrians their right to cross is part of preserving Ramadan values, the post included.

A 30-episode TV series will be broadcasted throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, on their social media platforms and local channels, to raise awareness of positive behaviours and of Covid-19 safety measures.


Abu Dhabi Police appealed to the public to call the Aman service on 8002626 or send a text message to 2828 to help increase the level of security and safety in the community.

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