Watch: America’s First Transgender ‘Health’ Official Says ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ (Blocking Puberty, Removing Genitals, or Adding Fake Genitals) Is Necessary To Keep Children Healthy and Stop Them Killing Themselves

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News

‘Admiral’ Rachel Levine, The Biden administration’s transgender Assistant Secretary for Health, has declared that “gender-affirming care” (blocking puberty, removing genitals, or adding fake genitals) is necessary to keep people, including children, mentally healthy and to stop them from killing themselves.

Yes, really.

“It’s such an important issue for our youth and adults,” Levine stated in the video produced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, adding “We often say that gender-affirming care is health care—gender-affirming care is mental health care—and gender-affirming care is literally suicide-prevention care.”

The comment came during an awkward discussion with an extremely young ‘trans activist’ and ‘musician’. Levine also claimed that those who oppose lopping off kids’ private parts have “weaponised” the term “gender-affirming care”.

A few months ago, Levine emphasised that sex-change operations on children, which also involve sterilisation in the case of boys, are supported at “the highest levels” of the Biden administration, and hoped that they become a normal everyday occurrence. Levine also previously described such practices as “empowering,” vowing that the administration will continue to push for the procedures to be available in all states.

Levine also declared during the latest video that ‘Pride’ should not just be celebrated for one month only but an entire “Summer of Pride.” The entire fifteen-minute debacle is here if you can stomach it. The comments have mysteriously been turned off. Wonder why?


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